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Free Project Management Tools for Personal Use: Organizing Personal tasks with PM Tools

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, the use of project management tools for personal purposes is steadily becoming more common. These tools, commonly used in professional settings, are just as effective when adapted for managing personal tasks and projects. From household management to personal goal setting, project management tools can be a game-changer in enhancing productivity and organization in your everyday life.

Project Management Tools for Personal Use


1. Trello

A prime example of Project Management Tools adapting Kanban methodology, Trello excels in visually organizing tasks. Its board, list, and card system is ideal for categorizing different life aspects, such as personal goals, home improvement projects, or holiday planning. Trello's user-friendly interface makes it a top choice for personal project management.

Trello Project Management Tool for Personal Use

Trello: For organizing tasks with boards, lists, and cards, visit Trello's official website


Features: Unlimited cards, up to 10 boards per Workspace, unlimited Power-Ups per board, unlimited storage (10MB/file), 250 Workspace command runs per month, custom backgrounds & stickers, unlimited activity log, assignee and due dates, iOS and Android mobile apps, 2-factor authentication​​.


2. Asana

Asana stands out among Project Management Tools for handling complex personal projects. Its capabilities in creating tasks, subtasks, and setting dependencies are perfect for elaborate tasks like event planning or managing significant home projects. The tool allows for meticulous planning with features to set deadlines, assign tasks, and monitor progress.

Asana Project Management Tool for Personal Use

Asana: To manage your team’s work, projects, and tasks online, check out Asana's official website​​.


Features: Manage tasks and personal to-dos, collaborate with up to 10 teammates, unlimited tasks, unlimited projects, unlimited messages, unlimited activity log​​.

3. Microsoft To Do

For those who need straightforward task management, Microsoft To Do integrates well with other Microsoft Office applications. This tool is excellent for everyday task management, offering features to organize and prioritize daily activities efficiently.

To Do Tool for Personal Use

Microsoft To Do: For managing daily tasks and reminders, visit Microsoft To Do's official website​​.


Features: Entirely free, requires a Microsoft account for use. Offers integration with Outlook Calendar and Mail, along with access to other Microsoft apps​​.


Beyond being a note-taking app, Evernote is a versatile tool in the sphere of Project Management Tools for Personal Use. It's ideal for projects that require extensive information collection and organization, such as planning a big event or conducting research for major purchases.

Evernote Tool for Personal Use

Evernote: To organize your notes and manage various information, go to Evernote's official website​​.


Features: Create up to 50 notes and 1 notebook, 60 MB monthly uploads, 25 MB maximum note size. Organize with Home dashboard and 3 widgets, in-note tasks, search and tags, clip web pages. Attach PDFs, receipts, files, photos, images, and documents​​.

Monday strikes a balance with features that cater to both professional and personal realms. Its customizable workflows are perfect for managing a range of activities from routine daily tasks to more complex personal projects. Project Management Tool for Personal Use For a flexible approach to work and project management, explore's official website​​.


Features: Main boards with limitations (200 items limit, can earn extra items), communication via @mention, simple search function, Files View and Forms View, Kanban View, monday workdocs, access to monday apps marketplace. Limitations include a limit of two members, no guests or viewers, 1 board connection per dashboard, limited Column Center, no automations or integrations​​.


Typically associated with software development, Jira can also be tailored for personal use, especially for those acquainted with Agile methodologies. It is particularly useful for managing iterative projects like ongoing home renovations or mastering a new hobby.

Jira for Personal Use

Jira: For issue and project tracking, particularly in software development, visit Jira's official website by Atlassian​​.


Features: Non-customizable project permissions, roles, and issue-level security in Jira Work Management and Software Free. Limit of 100 emails per day, with notifications paused after reaching the limit. Some apps might have reduced functionality or be incompatible with the Free plan. Inactive Free products will be deactivated after 120 days of inactivity unless logged in and viewed​​.



Adopting Project Management Tools for Personal Use can transform how we manage and organize our personal lives. Choosing the right tool that matches the complexity of your project and your personal ease with technology is crucial. The objective is to streamline and simplify your tasks, not to complicate them. Select a tool that feels natural and aligns with your personal management preferences. With the appropriate project management tool, organizing and executing personal projects can become a more manageable and enjoyable process.

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