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GenAI for Project Managers | GenAI Tools

Updated: Feb 3

1. ChatGPT for Project Managers

ChatGPT can assist project managers in various tasks such as automating routine activities, enhancing team communication, and streamlining project workflows. For more detailed information, you can visit OpenAI's website.

2. GPT Store Tools for Project Managers

The GPT Store offers tools like Project Advisor, which guides project managers with practical tools and frameworks for effective project management, and Project Manager GPT, which provides AI alternatives for project planning. You can explore these tools on the GPT Store website.

-        Project Advisor: Project Advisor on GPT Store

-        Project Manager GPT: For more options, explore the GPT Store.

3. Google Workspace for Presentations, integrated with Google Workspace, helps in creating AI-powered presentations. It automates slide creation and provides design suggestions based on given topics. For more details, visit the page on Google Workspace Marketplace.

4. ChatGPT Assistant Plugin for Jira

This plugin integrates ChatGPT with Jira, a project management tool, to enhance task automation and intelligent response within the Jira environment. Details about this plugin can be found on the Atlassian Marketplace.

5. Virtual Agile Coach on GPT Store

The Virtual Agile Coach is an AI tool that provides guidance on Agile methodologies, aiding project managers in implementing Agile practices. It's available on the GPT Store Virtual Agile Coach on GPT Store.

6. Quillbot

Quillbot is an AI-powered writing and paraphrasing tool that helps in refining project documentation and creating effective communication. It can be accessed at Quillbot's official website

7. Minutes of Meeting GenAI Tools in the Market

AI tools for generating or summarizing meeting minutes can be found on various platforms. These tools automatically capture key points, decisions, and action items from meetings, aiding project managers in documentation and follow-ups. Open AI

8. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant powered by AI, useful for project managers for scheduling, setting reminders, conducting searches, and managing tasks through voice commands. More information can be found on the Google Assistant website. Google Assistant website.

Virtual Agile Coach Picture

How to create your own GPT


Creating a custom GPT model via OpenAI's platform involves a few key steps as outlined on their Help Center page:

  1. 'Navigate to the GPT Creation Page: Visit and select "Create a GPT" or go to "My GPTs" if you already have existing models.

  2. 'Utilize the GPT Builder: In the "Create" tab, you can interact with the GPT Builder to outline the purpose and functionality of your new GPT. This can include specifics like the GPT's role or the tasks it should perform.

  3. 'Configure Your GPT: The "Configure" tab allows you to name your GPT, describe its functions, and select its capabilities, such as web browsing or image creation.

  4. 'Publish Your GPT: Once configured, you can publish your GPT and make it available to others.

  5. 'Advanced Settings: There are options for more detailed configurations, including adding images, providing specific instructions, setting prompt starters, uploading knowledge files, and enabling new capabilities like web browsing or DALL·E image generation.

  6. 'Custom Actions: You can integrate third-party APIs to enhance your GPT's functionality.

For more detailed information and guidance, you can visit the OpenAI Help Center page here.

GenAI Tools by Work Area

Custom Assistance Tools

  1. Azure Bot Service: A Microsoft service enabling the creation of intelligent, enterprise-grade bots, integrating with various Microsoft services. It features natural language processing, user intent recognition, and conversational AI, useful for automating interactions in project management.

  1. Dialogflow: An AI-powered conversational platform by Google for designing and integrating conversational interfaces into websites, apps, and IoT devices. Known for natural language understanding, it's useful for stakeholder and team engagement in Agile environments.

Virtual AI Assistants

  1. PMOtto: An AI-driven assistant designed for project management, featuring task scheduling, risk assessment, and stakeholder communication. It integrates with existing project management software to enhance efficiency.

  1. Tailored for project management with a focus on risk management, decision-making, and stakeholder engagement. It adapts to specific project needs and is particularly useful in Agile environments.

Calendar Planning

  1. Aurora: An AI scheduling tool ideal for complex project planning, offering resource optimization, scenario analysis, and conflict resolution. Suitable for managing multiple, overlapping projects.

  1. Liquid Planner: A dynamic project management tool with predictive scheduling, resource management, and time tracking. Its adaptability makes it a strong fit for Agile methodologies.

Agile Tools

  1. Pinestem: Focused on Agile methodologies, offering backlog grooming, sprint planning, and performance metrics. It helps Scrum teams in tracking progress and adapting to changes.

  1. An AI-powered platform for streamlining software development. Features include release planning, progress tracking, and requirement gathering, enhancing efficiency in Agile projects.

Minutes of Meeting Tools

  1. Otter: Transcribes and shares meeting notes with real-time transcription, speaker identification, and keyword searchability. It's valuable for documenting and retrieving meeting information.

  1. MeetGeek: An AI assistant for meeting management, providing transcription, summaries, and action item extraction, capturing key meeting points and tasks.

  1. Avoma: An AI meeting assistant offering services from pre-meeting preparation to post-meeting follow-ups, including transcription, summarization, and actionable insights.

  1. Supernormal: Turns meetings into searchable, shareable transcripts with auto-generated summaries, action items, and integrations with other project management tools.

Each of these tools brings unique capabilities to enhance efficiency, communication, and decision-making in program management and Agile methodologies, particularly beneficial for software scrum teams.


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