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Introducing Bankless DAO Project Management Guild | Program Strategy HQ

What is Bankless DAO?

Bankless DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a decentralized community that coordinates and disseminates media, culture, and education in web3. It aims to promote acceptance and knowledge of bankless monetary systems, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, other DeFi protocols and players, along with use cases of blockchain like the NFTs, DAOs, Metaverse etc. It achieves community objectives by the collective participation of the entire community.

More details can be found here:

What is Project Management Guild (PM Guild)?

The way Bankless DAO organizes its contributors is through guilds. These talent pools allow individuals with similar interests, professional backgrounds, and skills to collaborate and incubate new ventures. As of Dec 2022, there are Eleven guilds in Bankless DAO and Project Management Guild (PM Guild) is one among them.

Bankless DAO Project Management Guild strives to create space for BanklessDAO PM enthusiasts and help them accomplish their work via project management best practices. At this Project Management guild, members discuss and promote best practices which be used within the web3 space and DAOs.

PM Guild supports the mission at Bankless DAO by providing project management education, project management talents, and thought leadership relating to web3 projects.

Project Management Guild Services & Offerings

PM Guild offers the below services curated by the guild members and moderated by the guild leaders.

1. Retrospectives as a Service

Helps project teams to reflect on their project processes and create actionable improvement plans.

2. Project Managers

Find a Project Manager for any project needs on a long term or even on an hourly basis.

3. Education/Training

The PM guild team can educate and train your team members in PM best practices.

Why join Bankless DAO PM Guild?

Being part of project management groups, such as the Bankless DAO PM Guild, offer a range of benefits for their members. Some of the potential benefits include:

1. Professional Development

PM Guild offers a variety of resources, including educational sessions from other web3 PMs, Retrospective meetings, educational discussions, to help members advance their skills and knowledge in web3 project management.

2. Networking Opportunities

PM Guild provides opportunities for members to connect with fellow professionals in the field at all experience levels to learn from and network with.

3. Industry Recognition

PM Guild is planning to come up with some certification programs in the near future which can demonstrate a member's expertise and increase their professional credibility. You can also be a part of creating such content and courses.

4. Access to Industry Best Practices

PMI provides members with access to a range of educational database, in house PM experts, weekly meetings etc. to help them stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices.

5. Job Opportunities

Membership in PM Guild can make a job seeker more attractive to potential projects within the DAO and beyond, as it demonstrates a commitment to professional development and engagement.

Overall, joining a web3 project management guild can be a valuable investment in your career, providing opportunities for professional learning, networking, and industry recognition.

How to join the PM Guild?

Bankless DAO and PM Guild conduct their operations over Discord. To join PM guild first you need to join BanklessDAO and then the PM Guild through below steps.

  1. Join the discord server here: A Level 2 contributor can provide you with a free guest pass after a brief verification and onboarding process, allowing you to explore the server.

  2. Join the PM Guild here: PM Guild Channel Link. Visit the #role-select Discord channel and locate Carl-pinned bot's message. You can respond to Carl-message bot's by joining a Guild. From that point forward, whenever the @Guild tag is used, you will be notified.

  3. Sign up for the guild here 👉 []

  4. Introduce yourself in 🌳pm-general channel.

  5. Get Started

Especially at the start its quite overwhelming with many conversations and channels. Check out this get started cheat sheet to help plan you time effectively: Get Started Cheat Sheet

How to engage and contribute?

Participating in synchronous meetings, introducing oneself in channels, and establishing a good impression on the community by contributing the guilds objectives and ongoing activities are the most effective approaches to become acquainted with contributors.

1. Join the new joiner’s session conducted by Education Guild of Bankless DAO. You will get the details as part of the verification process as you join Bankless DAO.

Attend PM Guild weekly meetings:

All meetings are held in #pm-voice (underneath 🌳pm-general —there’s an audio symbol next to it).

2. 📆 PM Guild Weekly Synch - Friday 8pm UTC.

3. 📆 Talent Work stream Synch - Wednesday 5PM UTC.


The Bankless DAO PM Guild is a great way to contribute and engage with web3 PM enthusiasts in Bankless community. As a member of the guild, one will have access to a variety of learnings and opportunities that can help them grow as a web3 project manager. If you are interested in joining the Bankless DAO Project Management Guild, please follow the steps outlined in this blog post. Good luck!

For any queries or inputs to this blog post, drop a note on Do check out the campaign '100 Days of Learning' a series of web3 project and program management blogs at PSHQ.

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