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Upcoming Blogs in 100 days of Learning Campaign

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Apologies for not being able to share web3 PM blogs over the last week. This blog post is just to inform you that, recently I had to switch jobs and will need to take a few weeks break from daily blogging. I might be on travel and planning to resume blogging again from May 15th 2023.

Below is the list of planned upcoming blogs in this series, which will give an in depth understanding and knowledge of agile project management to successfully manage projects. Meantime, in case if any specific inputs or help required on 'How to become a web3 PM', you can please reach out on my personal mail id:

Planning Domain

22. Team Formation - Types

23. Sprint Planning

24. Release Planning

25. SAFE PI Planning

26. What is a Dapp?

27. MVP MMP and Types of MVPs

28. Product Life Cycle Stages

29. How to breakdown requirements

30. User Stories Best practices

31. Estimations Techniques

32. Prioritization techniques

33. Gantt Chart & Critical Path

34. Project Environment - Internal and External

Execution Domain

35. Effective onboarding practices

36. Agile Sprint Flow

37. Working with Developers

38. Working with Design

39. Working with Product Owner

40. Working with Testers

41. Management/Leadership Styles

42. Risk Management

43. Dependencies Management

44. Project Costing & Scheduling

45. Earned Value Management

46. Schedule, Resource, Cost constraint projects

47. Finance Strategy for Web3 projects

48. Change Management

49. Technical Debt Management

50. Resource Management

51. Quality Assurance

52. Metrics and Reporting

53. Scrum Metrics for Team Success

54. Team Norms + team charter

55. Team Motivation and Morale

56. Effective Retrospectives

57. Agile Maturity Assessment

58. Agile Coaching

59. Digital Innovation

60. Meetings best practices

61. Remote teams best practices

62. 1 to 1 Meetings Best Practices

63. Conflict styles & models

64. Effective escalation practices

65. Product Delivery Activities & Groups

Delivery Domain

66. Product Delivery Activities & Groups

67. Stakeholder Engagement

68. Communication & Negotiation

69. How to handle difficult team members

70. Working with DevOps

71. Failure modes in Scrum

72. Decision Making for Managers

73. Failure Modes in Project Management

74. Audits & Compliance - Smart Contracts

75. Compliance, SOC 2 Compliance, GDPR Compliance

76. VAPT Testing

77. Type of Contracts

78. Make Vs Buy decisions

79. Procurement Basics

80. Closing a Project

81. Crisis Management

82. Project Success Criteria

Web3 Startups

83. PMO Setting up Part 1

84. Agile Project Management Tools

85. Project Management in Startups

86. Web3 Projects failure modes

87. Pain points & Troubleshooting

88. POAP, Notion, Coordinape, Snapshot

89. Startup Teams Ant patterns

90. Legal Aspects in Crypto Projects

Web3 Resources

91. Books to Read Web3 PM / Good Resources

92. PM Freelancing

93. Project Management Certifications

94. PM Interview Questions

95. Engineering Practices

96. Jira best practices

97. Non tech - Starting with web 3.0

98. Web3 PM Job search Tips

99. How to become a Web3 Project Manager

100. Executive Presence

See you soon, wish you best!

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